Copy and Paste


How Clipboard Works

Let’s start by discussing clipboard formats. A clipboard format is used to describe what type of data is placed on the clipboard.

When you copy content in Typora, in most case, Typora will convert selected content into different formats including HTML, Rich Format (RTF), Plain Text, and store them in clipboard simultaneously. Then, when you paste into different app, proper format will be selected based on logic of target app. For example, if you paste into Gmail, content in HTML format will be pasted, while if you paste into source code editor, like Sublime, content in Plain Text format will be pasted. Therefore, unlike most other Markdown editors, Typora does not provide menu actions like “Copy in HTML format” or “Copy as RTF” explicitly, when you copy in Typora, those formats are already copied.

Usually, you could press Command/Ctrl+Shift+V to paste content as plain text (or “match style”) into other apps.

Similarly, when you paste content into Typora, firstly, Typora choose HTML format in clipboard and convert it into Markdown. If HTML content is not found, typora will paste content as plain text or Markdown source. In source code mode, plain text format is always chosen.

Paste as Plain Text

“Paste as Plain Text” have the same meaning with “Paste as Markdown Source” in Typora. You could use shortcut key Command/Ctrl+Shift+V for this.

Copy as Markdown

If you copy content which looks like “A boy” and paste into plain text editor, like Notepad.exe or VSCode,

“A boy” will be pasted by default, while “A **boy**” will be pasted when “Copy as Markdown” is selected. The shortcut key for this is Command/Ctrl+Shift+C.

Default Copy Behavior

If you work close with both rich editors, like mail clients or Word, and code editors or IDEs, you may hope to — Copy content in Typora, then:

This is something hard to achieve in other markdown editors, but totally possible in Typora.

To achieve this, please open “Editor” tab/section of preferences panel, and then enable “Copy Markdown source as plain text” for “Default Copy Behavior”.

Copy Content in Typora
Copy Content in Typora
Paste into Gmail (wcontent with rich style will be pasted)
Paste into Gmail (content with rich style will be pasted)
Paste into VSCode
Paste into VSCode (Markdown source code will be pasted)

Copy without Theme Styling

By default, copy content from other rich editor will include styles including font, line height, color, etc. Something you may just want to copy content with basic format or “semantic text”.

For example, you may want to copy <strong>text</strong>, instead of “text” with specific font family, font size, color… styles defined in each theme, in this case, “Copy without Theme Styling” is preferred.

Copy without theme styling and paste into Pages
Copy without theme styling and paste into Pages

For better styling moving content between Typora and other Apps, please use “export” feature instead of copy & paste.

Copy as HTML Code

When is action is selected, Typora will convert selected part into HTML, and put HMTL source code into “Plain Text” format of the clipboard. For developers, you may have chances to edit HTML file in source code editor, this menu action helps you to copy content from Typora into HTML source code.

Copy as HTML Code and paste into VSCode
Copy as HTML Code and paste into VSCode