Find and Replace (Search in current file)

You can use command + F (or ctrl + F on Windows / Linux) to toggle Find panel, and use command + H (or ctrl + H on Windows / Linux) to toggle Find and Replace panel to find contents in current document and replace matches.

CleanShot 2022-05-26 at 16.42.17@2x

Please note when Regular Expression is enabled, the $0, $1, $3… in replacement string will be replaced by the matches in brackets.

File Search (Search across files)

You can open this search function by

Similar with find and replace, it supports toggles of case sensitive / insensitive, match whole word, and match with regular expression.

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File Name Fuzzy Search (Open Quickly)

You can press Command + Shift + O on macOS or Ctrl + P to toggle Quick Open panel, where you can use fuzzy search to locate files in current opened folder or used recently.

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