Task List — Easy Way to Record Todos

by typora.io

Basic Usage

The following markdown syntax will be rendered as a Task List:

- [ ] This task is incomplete.
- [x] This task is completed.

Quickly Changing Task Status

  1. Simply click on the checkbox of a task list, or —

  2. Select menu items under ParagraphTask Status;

Follow the Custom Key Binding instructions to assign shortcut keys as needed.

“Erasing” Completed Tasks

You may want to add a strikethrough on completed tasks automatically like this:


This can be achieved by adding the following Custom CSS:

.task-list-done {
    /* styles for completed tasks */
    text-decoration: line-through;
.task-list-not-done {
    /* styles for incomplete tasks */

If you want a completed task list to display with less contrast, you can add CSS in the format color: #777 to change the text color for selector .task-list-done.

For details on where to put this CSS, please read Add Custom CSS.