Task List — Easy Way to Record Todos

by typora.io

Basic Usage

Type following markdown, they will be rendered as Task List.

- [ ] This task is incomplete.
- [x] This task is completed.

Quick Way to Change Task Status

Simple click on the checkbox of current task list, or —

Select menu items under ParagraphTask Status, please follow Custom Key Binding to assign shortcut keys if needed.

“Erase” Completed Tasks

You may want to add strikethrough on completed tasks automatically like this


This is possible by add following Custom CSS:

.task-list-done {
    /* styles for completed tasks */
    text-decoration: line-through;
.task-list-not-done {
    /* styles for incomplete tasks */

You could also add CSS to make completed task list less contrast, so you could add something like color: #777 to change the text color for selector .task-list-done.

About where to put those CSS, please follow Add Custom CSS.