Typora (0.9.59) beta

by typora.io


Spellcheck for more languages

Spellcheck for non-English language are now supported on Windows/Linux. If you disabled spell check function in previous versions, we would recommend you to change the default setting from “disable spellcheck” to “Auto Detect” in preferences panel.

Also, “unlearn spelling” are added to context menu.

For more details, please refer Spellcheck.

spellcheck on windows
Left: Spellcheck in context menu / Right: Spellcheck Panel

Mojave and Dark Mode

Dark mode will be applied to Typora’s main window when the system enters dark mode or a dark theme have been used. Preferences panel will adapt dark skin when dark mode is used in system.

CleanShot 2018-10-23 at 00.52.51@2x

Sort on File Tree

You could sort files by alphabet, natural order1 or modified date

Screen Shot 2018-10-23 at 00.28.46




Bug fix


We updated our Privacy Policy, in short, when “Send Anonymous Usage Info“ is enabled, we will no longer use Google Analytics, we would use our own self-hosted analytics server, so we can guarantee that no data will be shared with 3rd companies or individuals.

  1. We will sort by file name naturally, for example: 1-xxx, 2-xxx, 10-xxx instead of in alphabet order (1-xxx, 10-xxx, 2-xxx).